Sci-Tech has systems and protocols in place to assure the quality of all its analytical data.

Quality assurance follows the sample from receipt, throughout its analysis, to the point at which results data are reported. It also covers the laboratory’s analytical and data management systems.



To ensure accuracy day in, day out, Sci-Tech Laboratories has a robust, internal quality system.

At the heart of this system is accreditation by UKAS to the internationally recognised standard for competence – ISO/IEC 17025.

Although laboratories achieving the standard are regarded as UKAS accredited, accreditation can only be claimed for individual methods that have been inspected and approved by UKAS. A list of accredited methods is given on Sci-Tech's UKAS schedule.

UKAS accreditation is specific to particular sample types and methods. The accreditation we hold is for microbiological testing of a wide range of sample types.

Sci-Tech Laboratories is also licensed by Defra under the Animal By-Products Orders for Salmonella and Enterobacteria examinations, the Poultry Health Scheme for Mycoplasma and Salmonella Rapid Plate Testing.



Sci-Tech has UKAS accreditation for particular microbiological sample types and methods.

ISO 17025 is the British, European and International Standard for quality assurance in analytical laboratories.

In the UK, laboratories claiming compliance with this standard are inspected and accredited by UKAS. Accreditation also means that the laboratory’s management systems meet the principles of ISO 9001.


Sci-Tech Laboratories participates in the Performance Testing schemes of:

• VETQAS Independent, accredited, proficiency testing services provided by the AHVLA’s Quality Assurance Unit (QAU). With tests covering; BVD virus antigen, ABPR Enterobacteriaceae, ABPR Salmonella, PHS Mycoplasma gallisepticum Chicken Sera, PHS Mycoplasma gallisepticum & meleagagridis Turkey Sera, Salmonella serotyping, PHS Salmonella, CSPO Salmonella, PHS Salmonella serology (pullorum, & gallinarum), Worm egg, Composting of Animal By-Products, BVD ear tissue PCR, BVD ear tissue Elisa, and Salmonella in Bulk egg.

• LGC Independent, accredited, proficiency testing services provided by LGC, with tests from the following schemes - QMS (Quality Microbiology Scheme) in food, AFPS (Animal Feeds Proficiency testing Scheme), & QMAS (Quality in Meat & fish Analysis Scheme).

• Deventer serology antibody ring trial Administered by the Dutch Animal Health Service covering a range of antibody detection tests.

• PHE Public Health England is an executive agency of the United Kingdom’s department of health which provides UKAS accredited proficiency testing services with tests from the following schemes - Recreational and Surface water, Drinking water, & Bottled and Mineral water.