Mambo-Tox, based at the University of Southampton’s Science Park in the UK, specialises in studies in terrestrial ecotoxicology (principally involving non-target arthropods, honeybees and soil invertebrates).

Mambo-Tox has the ability to evaluate agrochemicals and biocides, both in the laboratory and the field. Reliable and robust data is produced to satisfy regulatory requirements for both European and Global companies within this sector.



Mambo-Tox understands the importance of meeting tight deadlines and has therefore organised its extensive facilities to give maximum flexibility when scheduling projects. As a result, a rapid turnaround for particularly urgent projects can be met. However, this does not compromise the quality of data and reporting for which Mambo-Tox has become renowned.

With over 30 years' experience, Mambo-Tox is one of Europe’s most acclaimed, innovative and experienced ecotoxicology laboratories.


There is currently 1 career opportunity
Mambo-Tox Internal Account Manager (Part-Time)