August 11, 2021

Sciantec is adding multi-residue pesticide analysis to its scope of UKAS accredited analysis services. This service, which tests foodstuff and feedingstuff commodities bound for food, feed, and drink for pesticide residues, not only broadens the division’s already extensive capabilities, but also satisfies the EU’s legislation for undesirable substances in feedingstuffs.

‘This new test is very exciting for us as we can now test all commodities bound for food, feed and drink in-house in a fully comprehensive service,’ said David Elo, Technical Commercial Manager (Contaminants) the Cawood Group. ‘The accreditation also allows us to be recognised worldwide for our competency in testing the safety of commodities such as soya, wheat, oils and fats, fishmeal, feeds, premixes and feedingstuffs for pesticide levels, which gives us a comprehensive contaminants package for our customer base.’

Sciantec’s latest investment in GC/MS triple quadrupole technology has enabled them to quantify hundreds of pesticide residues in lots of commodities from overseas trading companies and food/feed producers. This ensures they meet stringent UK and EU requirements and keeps the commodities that we consume as free from contaminants as possible to not pose a risk to human health.

‘Monitored food and feed production and protecting the food chain are key to providing both human and animal health and safety,’ continued David. ‘As adverse effects from pesticides and other contaminants only occur above maximum permitted levels of exposure, we are proud to play a crucial role in ensuring all the commodities that are bound for the food chain are safe for consumption.’

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