June 3, 2020

In the current circumstances we find ourselves in, there has never been more demand for the ability to access and operate equipment remotely. It is no surprise that because of this, Enitial has seen a spike in interest for the LORENTZ pumping system they provide.

LORENTZ leachate pumps offer a reliable and efficient way to manage leachate levels without electrical connections or air lines. The pump technology is based on over 25 years development experience, resulting in highly efficient, intelligent pumping systems which remove many of the service challenges of both air pumps and non-specialised electric submersibles.

Managing a landfill site is a long-term obligation so minimising operating costs while maintaining high compliance standards is critical to financial viability. LORENTZ pumping system offers both solar power and grid power choices; opening locations to extraction that were previously not economical. There are also no above ground moving parts, no scheduled service intervals, no pulling pumps for cleaning, no wearing parts or seals to replace and no air injection negating calcification of pipework; therefore reducing operating costs. “Our specialist installation teams can adapt these pumps to suit any situation and integrate into existing systems to optimise our client’s leachate extraction.”

The pump controller continuously records operational data providing valuable information, the ability to control exactly what a pump is doing, monitoring well levels automatically and facilitate quick reactions to changes. The controller can also be connected to the pumpMANAGER service. This is a simple, cloud delivered service that takes away the complexity of remote monitoring and management. The software provides clarity on what the system is doing, allows changes to be made to settings and sends alerts irrespective of location.
Our LORENTZ pumps can be stopped, started, have the speed increased and be slowed down to meet the complex requirements of leachate control systems and limitations around discharge consents/tankering. Using Lorentz pumps, leachate control systems can be fully optimised extracting leachate from where clients need it most whether driven by compliance or chemistry” James Lloyd

“Demand has surged in recent weeks as customers having been searching for remotely accessible, sustainable systems. We expect to have increased enquiries over the summer as more customers think of solar solutions while the sun shines although the demand we have seen in recent months is unprecedented.” Leo Phillips

LORENTZ pump designs are a complete solution, this means that you have all the hardware and software you need to control, monitor and manage your pumping operations.

If you would like to discuss your requirements on how LORENTZ pumps can start saving you money and time or would like more information on any enitial service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with James or Leo on the details below;

James Lloyd
07769 168084

Leo Phillips
07740 385 491