April 29, 2020

On March 17th 2020, the independent, privately owned laboratory, Marchwood Scientific Services became part of the Cawood Scientific Group. “Marchwood has long been a trusted outsourcing partner of ours” stated Simon Parrington, Cawood Scientific’s Managing Director. “The purchase is in line with our business strategy to grow the business by finding like-minded operations where the emphasis is on both excellent customer service and quality of results. The synergies of both services and highly experienced staff will significantly enhance our opportunities to serve our customers”. Operating from three sites across the UK, Marchwood is highly regarded in the renewables sector for a number of specialities, but in particular as the UK’s leading dioxin analysis laboratory. The inclusion of Marchwood in the group adds an extra dimension to what is already the UK’s largest independent, one-stop-shop for land-based analytical testing services.

Marchwood directors, Karl Pettit and John Fursman are extremely pleased to be joining Cawood and in particular for the future of Marchwood as part of the Cawood Group. Karl Pettit, Director of Marchwood, stated ‘We are really pleased to be part of the Cawood Group, we all know how extremely challenging the current business environment is and I want to commend all parties on working together to get this deal done. The acquisition will enable Marchwood to expand the services available to current customers and as a group we can build upon our collective strengths to further cement our status as leading independent laboratories’. Karl and John will continue to be involved in the management of the business and are keen to point out that it will business as usual for the foreseeable future. The laboratory will operate as normal with the same people and the same high degree of customer service.

Cawood Scientific is the UK’s largest, truly independent provider of accredited analytical testing services for the land-based sector. Going forward, being part of a bigger group will allow both Cawood Scientific and Marchwood the ability to offer customers a wider range of specialist analytical services. The expansion of Cawood’s capabilities will also reduce the necessity to outsource outside of the group, providing an assurance to customers they are receiving the high level of service quality they have come to associate with the Group.

From the newly expanded Cawood Scientific group, we look forward to continuing to provide customers with the quality of services they have come to expect, and we for one, are very excited about the future of the Group with Marchwood Scientific Services contributing to and strengthening the service.