May 1, 2019

As part of the development of the technical capabilities of Sci-Tech laboratories and the Cawood Scientific group, we are excited to announce the installation of a bacterial identification platform at our Craven Arms site.

The VITEK2 platform is capable of identification of organisms from a library of hundreds of bacteria whilst also indicating the accuracy of the profile. It is able to discriminate subspecies of the same bacteria which, supersedes the traditional identification methods of organism identification. This platform is also used in the human healthcare industry and is a proven system in hospital laboratories.

Coupled with this we are also able to demonstrate the antibiotic susceptibility of the organism which is more precise than the traditional disc diffusion method and will provide the MIC level (Minimum inhibitory concentration) which has 2 significant advantages:

Sufficient dosing to the animals to ensure that the animals are subjected to an effective dose of antibiotic.

Cost savings for the end user as the minimum dosing is employed to eliminate the bacterial infection.

This provides a more tailored approach which was not possible previously and is a significant development for the veterinary industry and to combat the overuse of antibiotics.

Sci-Tech Laboratories is part of the Cawood Scientific group who provide independent analysis to the land based and veterinary industries. This development further enhances the microbiological and serological testing services which are offered by Sci-Tech.